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A CNC lathe is the same as a manual lathe except a CNC lathe is controlled by a computer. it is primarily used to machine round parts such as screws. A CNC lathe has 3-5 axis''s, the spindle holds the part and spins as the turret which holds the tool and moves in and makes the cut depending on how the user programmed the machine.

The cutter in the turret doesn''t spin but it moves to make the cut on the part in the spindle. The main parts are the spindle, the tailstock, the computer, the tool turret and the frame. There are more parts to a CNC lathe than that but those are the most commonly mentioned.. We Cnc Machine Manufacturer also deals in CNC turning lathe machines including precision CNC turning machines, automatic CNC lathe machines, cnc lathe machines, cnc turning machines, cnc classic, swiss type cnc lathe, cnc turning lathe, cnc milling machine, cnc lathe classic linear turnomat, cnc classic linear turnomat, cnc lathe machine, cnc turning machine, cnc swiss machining, swiss type cnc, cnc milling with gsk system and cnc swiss lathe etc. This product from our unit manufactures these machines with precision and attention to each and every detail so that they fulfill the purpose they are meant for. We custom build according to the technical drawings provided by the client. The CNC turning machine and CNC lathe machines are mostly applied for fine turning and finishing application. It is used for manufacturing small and medium dimensions of work pieces.

Numerical control (NC) refers to the automation of machine tools that are operated by abstractly programmed commands encoded on a storage medium, as opposed to manually controlled via hand-wheels or levers, or mechanically automated via cams alone. These early servomechanisms were rapidly augmented with analog and digital computers, creating the modern computed numerically controlled (CNC) machine tools that have revolutionized the manufacturing process.


Our sophisticated and high performing classic T 50 is ideal machinery for fine turning and finishing applications. This CNC turning machine is used for manufacturing small and medium dimension of work pieces requiring high precession. This is manufactured from spheroid iron inclined machinery base fixed on a rigid steel fabricated structure that offers torsion proof system. Additionally its slides are offered with high precession ground LM guides performing an excellent prolonged life. These are offered with coolant/chip disposal 0.25HP Coolant pump. This machine comes with the following parts


  • Built – in work light

  • Tool holders

  • Hand tool

  • Chuck foot switch

  • Spindle orientation


In addition to this, these are offered with the following features


  • Bar loading system

  • Gantry loading system

  • Signal tower (3 stage)

  • Unloading system

  • Chip conveyance


Work Capacity

Swing over machine Bed

244 mm

Swing over cross slide with turner

108 mm

Centre height from bed

130 mm

Turning length with 8 station turret

200 mm

Turning length with linear tooling system

290 mm

No of turret position

8 or 12

Work Spindle

Spindle RPM


Spindle Bore

35 mm

Max Bar Size

32 mm

Hand Operated chuck diameter

125 mm

Item Code: CK-7130

Our CNC Classic (CK-7130) lathe machine is mostly applied for fine turning and finishing application. It is used for manufacturing small and medium dimensions of work pieces requiring high precession. The spheroidal iron cast inclined machine base is fixed on a rigid steel fabricated structure which provides a torsion proof system.


Items Unit CK7130B
Bed Type   Slant Bed 45°
Max. Swing Diam. over Bed mm 350
Max. Length of Workpiece mm 350
Max. Swing Diam. over Drag Board mm 140
Max. Diam. of through-hole mm 36
Spindle Speed rpm 300-3500
Main Motor Power kW 5.5
X/Z Travels mm 175/420
X/Z Rapid Travels mm/min 12000/15000
X/Z Servo Motor Torque Nm 6X6
Type of Turret   Horizontal Electric Turret
No. of Tool Stations nos 6x8
Tool Cross Section mm 20x20
Cone of Tailstock Sleeve mm Morse 3
Diam. of Tailstock Sleeve mm 60
Max. Stroke of Tailstock Sleeve mm 50
Manual Collet   N/A
Pneumatic Collet   N/A
Hydraulic Collet   Optional
Manual Chuck   Optional
Hydraulic Chuck   Included
Hydraulic Tailstock   Included
4-Position Electrical Turret   N/A
Gang TypeTool Post   N/A
Overall Dimension (LxWxH) mm 1800x1400x1750
Net Weight Kg 2000

Item Code: MC-32

Adopting latest technology, we have been manufacturing international quality standard heavy duty CNC Lathe Classic Linear Turnomat (mc32)lathe machines.


DescriptionClassic turnomat MC 32
 Round - 32 mm
Spindle CapacityHex - 27 mm
Using CollectSquare - 25 mm
With Chuck135 Dia Chuck
Spindle Bore35 mm
Work Capacity 
Swing over Machine Bed232 mm
Swing over Cross Slide108 mm
Center height from Bed62 mm
Turning Length125 mm with Collet
 100 mm with Chuck
Tool Station4 to 5 Nos
Tool Size 
Turning20 * 20 square
Spindle RPM250-4000 with VFD
 50-4000 with Servo Motor
Rapid Travel 
X axis & Y axis12.5m/min & 20m/min
Spindle Motor2.2 Kw / 3 HP AC induction Motor with Inverter Drive. (Standard)
 3.7 K.W GSK Servo Spindle Motor( Optional).
Axis Servo Motor4 Nm with Brake for X axis GSK make
Boring4 Nm with out Brake for Z axis GSK make
CNC SystemGSK 980 TD a as Standard Option FANUC/Siemens
Standard Accessories1 No Facing Holder, 2 Nos Turning Holder
 Boring Block.
Clamping SystemPneumatic Collet opening/Closing system
Centralised Lubrication SystemAutomatic Motorized Lubrication Pump with Timer provided.
Coolant Motor0.25 HP 100LPM Motor with Coolant Tank and Chip Tray
Total Power5.5 H.P with Linear with Collet
Boring7.5 HP with Linear with Chuck
Machine Dimensions1500 mm x 1600 mm x 1500 mm
Machine Weight1500 kgs
Optional Accessories(1) Hydraulic Chuck 135 dia with Power pack with closed cylinder or hollow cylinder
(2) Gravity bar feed up to 3.5 metres.
(3) Panel.
(4) Loading / Unloading.
(5) Parts Catcher.
(6) Bach

Item Code: T-50

DescriptionClassic turnomat  T-50
 Round - 32 mm
Spindle CapacityHex - 27 mm
Using CollectSquare - 25 mm
With Chuck135 Dia Chuck
Spindle Bore25 mm
Work Capacity 
Swing over Machine Bed232 mm
Swing over Cross Slide108 mm
Center height from Bed62 mm
Turning Length100 mm with Collet
 75 mm with chock
Tool Station8 Station BTP 50 Pragati
Tool Size 
Turning16*16 square
Spindle RPM25 Dia
 250-4000 with VFD
Rapid Travel50-4000 with Servo Motor
X axis & Y axis 
Spindle Motor12.5m/min & 20m/min
Axis Servo Motor 
CNC System 
Standard Accessories 
 2 Nos Axial Turning Holder
Clamping System2 Nos Axial Boring Holder
Centralised Lubrication System 
Coolant Motor 
Total Power 
Boring6.5 H.P with Collet with Turret
Machine Dimensions8.5 H.P with Chuck with Turret.
Machine Weight1500 mm x 1600 mm x 1500 mm
Optional Accessories1600 Kgs
(1) Hydraulic Chuck 135 dia with Power pack with
(2) Gravity bar feed up to 3.5 metres
(3) Panel
(4) Loading / Unloading
(5) Parts Catcher
(6) Bach

We specialize in Swiss-type CNC Lathes(AS7016)which provides an extensive product line designed to meet a full range of machining needs for the production of precision parts. This is a sophisticated CNC machine with a sliding headstock and fixed bushing that enables the creation of small, complex, cylindrical parts in one cycle.

Tool PositionPcs3
Max Drill Hole Capacitymm8
Max Threading Capacity/M6XP 1.0
Max Mill Cuts Capacitymm8
Min main Axle Minute Angle/0.01'(C)
Spindle Rotational Speed/Max 6000 min
Spindle PowerKw3
Power Cutting Tool Rotational SpeedminMax 3000 min4
Power Cutting Tool Motor Power/0.5kw
Machine Sizemm2000X900X2000
Machine WeightKg1800
Power equipments CapacityKVA10

Our CNC Milling with GSK System is a high cost-performance and high reliable CNC developed machine especially for high speed, high precision and high efficient machining. Due to the applied high speed micro processor and high speed and precision servo system as well as sufficient CNC and high speed PLC functions, the machining efficiency has truly realized a higher standard. The high precision and high resonance position control has been realized by high performance position closed loop control chip and high precision position detecting components.

This machine is set for CNC lathe and hex lathe with integration of special lathes.This machine can be used for Milling 1,2 ,4, 6 & 8 faces milling, This machine will be very fast in working on comparison with conventional milling process, easily programmable using CNC system so all the parameters can be stored any complicated milling can be don be using this machine.
> Low friction Turcite-B Plastic Costing
> Centralised auto lunrication system
> High quality solid casting
> Variable turret, chuck, control system are avaiable as option.
Max. turning diametermmØ26 / Ø3242
Max. turning length(Fixed guide bush)mm220220
Max. turning length (Rotary guide bush)mm200200
Max. turning length (Non guide bush)mm65/8080
Max. bar capacitymm26 / Ø32Ø42
Spindle speed rangerpm200~7,000200~6,000
Rapid taverse XYZM/mm1818
Main-spindle motorkw7.5(10HP)7.5(10HP)
Sub-spindle motorkw7.5(10HP)7.5(10HP)

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